Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Love for Time Out

I’m Wendy, the Young Persons Development Worker and I run the Time Out project.
So what is Time Out and why do I love my job?

Time Out is a safe and supportive environment for young people  
  • to feel free to talk about their feelings (or not)
  • to feel accepted and understood
  • to not be judged
  • to build their confidence and self esteem
  • to learn coping skills for better health and well being
  • to be themselves

It’s not rocket science
  • It’s listening
  • It’s caring
  • It’s people helping people
  • It’s community

I love that:
  • young people come to Time Out and meet other young people who become their best friends
  • volunteers come to Time Out and benefit as much if not more than the young people
  • the young people and volunteers care so much about the project and are able to challenge, shape and change it.
  • we have funders who believe in us

What’s not to love about all that?


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