Monday, 21 September 2015

Time Out Volunteer Blog by Jon Rorke

I was introduced to Healthy Valleys through friends last year at a point in my life where things had begun to stagnate, I was unhappy at work and dissatisfied with life in general unsure of the paths I had taken. Through Healthy Valleys I found a community of youngsters and volunteers who worked together to provide a blanket of support to all those who needed it. I doubt I am alone in thinking that volunteers also gain much from helping these kids, it is a very rewarding and often cathartic process. I have had several occasions where teens have approached me personally to thank me and let me know how much I have helped them on that evening; the emotions one gains from hearing something of the like is indescribably positive. I would recommend anyone thinking of volunteering at least give it a try, I am certainly glad I did

Jon Rorke, Time Out Volunteer

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