Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Meet the staff: Lesley

Hi! I’m Lesley aka the Executive Manager of Healthy Valleys. I’ve been asked by my colleagues to describe a typical working day in the life of….having given it much thought I don’t think I’ve ever experienced 2 working days which have been the same. This is probably a result of working in a people focused environment which makes things so varied; people are unpredictable, needs change, plans change.

However, not only are people unpredictable, working in the voluntary sector is too.  There isn’t an infinitive amount of resources which can create levels of uncertainty and fragility.  The need for  creativity and a good skills mix of team members are even more essential. I’m glad to say that Healthy Valleys isn’t short of either and this coupled  with high energy levels we deliver excellent services for the people of South Lanarkshire. We work hard, seldom stop and thrive on finding solutions.

I think that working with and for communities has had a lot to do with me working for Healthy Valleys for almost 12 years!

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